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The Zennie62Media Network consists of 98 blogs and many special purpose platforms and social media sites.


It includes Oakland's first blog Oakland Focus, Oakland's first YouTube Partner Channel Zennie62, Oakland's newest blog Oakland News Now, and Oakland's only news blog aggregator Oakland News Online.   Zennie62.com was "Zennie's Zeitgeist", one of the first blogs, ever, to cover the Democratic National Convention (2008).


The Zennie62Media News Network


The Zennie62Media Network also includes blogs representing San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New York, Orlando, Miami, Seattle, and London.

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Zennie62Media started with Zennie62.com, our blog that was the replacement for Zennie Abraham's first World news blog called "Zennie's Zeitgeist," and the famous Zennie62 YouTube channel.   The idea of Zennie62 is to provide coverage and commentary on the news of the day in a multi-media form.  So it's not just text, but videos, and real-time videos using platforms featuring Vidoco.com and Tout.com for 15-second videos, and other apps. 


But it all started with Zennie62 on YouTube. 


This pioneer YouTube channel was started in 2006, and became a YouTube Partner Channel in 2008.  Over that time and to date, almost 16,000 videos have been made and our videos have been seen over 77 million times to date, and as much as over 200,000 times a day.


Zennie62Media using Zennie62 on YouTube has covered everything from CES Las Vegas to the historic inauguration of Barack Obama as America's first African American President, to his second inauguration, the Democratic National Convention twice, the NFL Draft annually, Comic Con and Wonder Con annually, TechCrunch The Crunchies, TechCrunch Disrupt, and The Oscars Red Carpet and The Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Party annually.  


Now, Zennie62Media is more than just the blog, it's a network of 98 blogs, and it started with Oakland Focus Blog and San Francisco Focus Blog, and branched out to include blogs representing Atlanta, Cleveland, New York, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Richmond, CA. And we have blogs on the restaurant scene in San Francisco, Oakland, and New York City, as well as a range of blogs on the NFL, the NFL Draft, The Super Bowl, The NHL, and other sports. 

And now Zennie62Media has built Oakland News Now and Oakland News Online to provide better service to our Oakland, California city and SF Bay Area, and then the world.  Oakland News Now is a new approach in media that uses smartphone and Zennie62 on YouTube to make vlogs that become blog entries and social media content in seconds.

Zennie62 has a network of vloggers and many have produced legendary efforts, and are also proud shareholders in the company.