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Zennie62Media, Inc. makes content for clients from press releases to text posts and video-blogs and under our sponsored content services.  We can do that for you. 

Here, if you seek content development, marketing, and reputation management work, please fill out the form, stating your firm name, your name, contact information, and specific online content need or problem you want solved.

(Note that, hiring Zennie62Media for the role of content development, marketing, and reputation management work is tax deductible per Publication 535 (2019), Business Expenses https://www.irs.gov/publications/p535)
Zennie62Media scans for illegitimate applications.  Requests for  Employment inquiries will not be responded to here. Zennie62Media does not engage in backlinks deals - requests will be deleted. Emails using gmail and requesting backlinks are auto-deleted.

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