ZENNIE62MEDIA Credentialed To Cover Historic NFL Draft, DNC 2020 Convention, Super Bowl LV Week, and CES 2021 All-Digital Virtual Event,


While the first time as a Delaware media corporation, ZENNIE62MEDIA was credentialed to cover the NFL Draft, and for the 15th year in a row under the brand name ZENNIE62MEDIA.  ZENNIE62MEDIA CEO Zennie Abraham was the first to cover the NFL Draft with a YouTube Channel in 2006, and the first to cover it with online livestream software, partnering with the then-new USTREAM. Zennie Abraham has made more YouTube videos from the NFL Draft than any other single person or media outlet in league history.


For the third since 2008, ZENNIE62MEDIA has been credentialed for the Democratic National Convention, this time the historic 

DNC 2020 Virtual Convention.  The DNC 2020 features the nomination of the first ticket pairing a white man with a black woman. Former Vice President Joe Biden selected California Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate. 

In 2008, ZENNIE62MEDIA, featuring Zennie Abraham's "Zennie's Zeitgeist" and Zennie62 YouTube Channel, was one of 128 blogs to be credentialed for DNC 2008.  That was the history-making nomination of the man who would eventually be America's first black President, Barack Obama.  ZENNIE62MEDIA's coverage was sponsored by Lennar, and fused the work of four ZENNIE62MEDIA bloggers. Zennie Abraham was also a featured CNN iReporter. 

In 2012, ZENNIE62MEDIA was once again credentialed for The Democratic National Convention.  DNC 2012 ZENNIE62MEDIA coverage was sponsored by Tout.com, and fused several content technologies.

For DNC 2020, ZENNIE62MEDIA will bring its innovative smartphone-based network to focus on the exciting opportunities that the virtual format presents.  Follow Oakland News Now, and Zennie62 on YouTube, and Zennie62.com.

And for the third time, ZENNIE62MEDIA has been credentialed for Super Bowl Week of Game Events for Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida.  

CES has always been a coverage staple for ZENNIE62MEDIA, and even with The Pandemic, 2021 is no exception.  ZENNIE62MEDIA was credentialed to cover CES 2021 All-Digital, and for the first time (and hopefully the only time) not in Las Vegas, but virtual, due to The Pandemic.  This is the 11th straight time ZENNIE62MEDIA has been approved to cover CES Las Vegas.