Zennie62Media Referral Revenue Sharing Program

This is a simple program.  If you send a potential content development / reputation management client to Zennie62Media, and who is secured for client work, you will receive 20 percent of the monthly retainer payment from that client for that project, and for the length of time the client work agreement is active. 


So, if we have a three-month contractual agreement, your 20 percent of that retainer will be paid each month of the three month agreement, and so on. 

So, you're all-in, but wondering, well, just exactly how to present Zennie62Media to a potential client prospect?  Like this:  if you happen to be talking with someone who's complaining that the media seems to have a bias against them or their product, that's the perfect time to say this:


"Well, I know a company who can help counter that for you.  Zennie62Media.  They have a giant media network and a proprietary approach that gains results.  You need an influencer: hire Zennie62Media. Then have them visit this website and  offer to be the connector to the client by (and be honest about getting a referral fee) emailing us at zennie@zennie62media.net

Very soon, Zennie62Media will have a full affiliate marketing program based on this revenue sharing system.  Stay tuned.  Also, all gig economy taxes apply.

For more information, or to participate in the program, email zennie@zennie62media.net