Zennie62Media Investor Information and Corporate Governance

Zennie62Media is a Delaware Corporation based on a 13-year-old 98-blog, vlog, and social media network, currently serving clients, and actively seeking investors for our seed round. 

- Zennie Abraham: Chief Executive Officer

- Voting board of directors - E.P. Yerger

- Various non-voting shareholders.

Positions to be filled: Chief Financial Officer, Chief of Business Development

Advisory Board:

• Eva Crawford, Zennie62Media CTO

• Marc Canter (Creator of the first social network, The People Aggregator)

• Elihu M. Harris (Former 2-Term Oakland Mayor who brought Raiders back to Oakland.  Former California Assemblyman.  Former Peralta Community College Board Director.)

• Michael Dotterer (Famed Stanford and NFL Football Player.  Michael Dotterer remains the only athlete in Stanford history to earn four letters in both baseball and football - running back in football and outfielder in baseball. Dotterer was drafted by the New York Yankees in baseball and the Oakland Raiders in the NFL.)

If you have an questions please email us at info@zennie62.com

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