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"Maximizers, shown in the top left quadrant of the exhibit, enjoy a direct relationship with the customer while operating in a distribution environment characterized by their own curation and control. These players effectively own “the last mile,” creating channel access to the customer as well as packaging, managing, and selling an assortment of products or services. Maximizer companies include cable, satellite, and mobile operators as well as theater chains and other entertainment venues. Digital-first Maximizers include Spotify, the music streaming service, and Google’s YouTube. Inexpensive and extensive data on customers and the wide diffusion of complex consumer analysis models have made the Maximizer route easier for more firms to pursue. Because it is getting progressively cheaper to create and execute cross-platform efforts, Maximizers can reap many of the same rewards that Makers receive — as well as being able to deliver more multi-touch campaigns and engagements."  From: "You're a Media Company, Now What?" Strategy+Business.com

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