Join Us As A Vlogger Or Just Submit Your Video News To Zennie62Media, Inc.

Zennie62Media, Inc. is proud to announce a new initiative that is patterned (to a degree) after the CNN iReport program that Zennie62Media Founder and CEO Zennie Abraham was part of from 2006 (before CNN bought it) to 2015, when CNN shuttered the program.  The idea is to formalize what has been an informal practice: the uploading of newsworthy original videos. 


Zennie62Media does this in two ways: first by temporarily adding vloggers to our Zennie62Media Worldwide Network of Vloggers and for the purpose of vlogging "on the spot" which then becomes a Zennie62 YouTube Channel Livestream; second by accepting your mp4 or .MOV video file via email (no annoymous submissions). 

Once that is done, you are able to receive payment of 50 percent of the YouTube ad generated revenue from your submission on a monthly basis, whenever sharable revenue (defined as anything over $0) is generated. 

We do not accept videos sent without our request, so please do not send a video.  If you have a newsworthy video please notify us first via email at   Then we will ask you to send it if we're interested.  When that happens, we will work to immediately upload the video and title it.  We reserve the right to edit out any portion of the video that goes against YouTube Community Guildines or copyright law, or reject the video via email if it is out of compliance with  YouTube Community Guildines or copyright law.   Zennie62Media asks for original videos never uploaded anywhere else, and will check to determine originality.

Once uploaded, your video becomes a multi-content information device that's blog post, photo, and audio - automatically, and auto-posted on Zennie62media's iconic blog platforms.

If you're interested in becoming a Zennie62Media Vlogger, we are more likely to accept those people who already have YouTube Channels, or are long-time viewing fans of Zennie62 on YouTube, or both.  We make a special exception for celebrity vloggers from other platforms or in the motion picture industry or television industry.  But you are expected to vlog under our guildelines where the vlogger shows their face and shares their name. 


In closing, examples of the work of  our vloggers is at Zennie62 YouTube